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Saddle Drybag Nylon

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Vodotěsný vak pro použití spolu se Saddle Harnessem

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6.12.2022 6.12.2022 6.12.2022 6.12.2022 Zvolte variantu
Záruka: 3 roky
Hmotnost: 210 g, 270 g
Rozměry: ø 17 x 45 cm, ø 20 x 55 cm
Objem: 8L, 16L

Drybag is intended for use with Saddle Harness, but can also be used separately as a waterproof equipment bag.

The main material is Nylon 6.6 (TPU lamination), durable and light fabric with taped seams.

Stressed seams are secured with the so-called Bartack stitch (zigzag), all yarns used are Polyester with a large fiber diameter for maximum strength. Chain from the strap at the bottom of the bag for attaching it to the side compression straps of the backpack for easy transport of the bag in rugged terrain, where it is necessary to make full use of wheel lifts or in means of transport.

Saddle Harness is not included.